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The release of a feature movie by Disney Pixar set in Scotland represented a unique opportunity to promote this land of legend and adventure to a previously ignored segment of family tourism.


Our challenge was to help families to make the connection from "that looks fun" to "I want to go there". Our strategy was to create an emotional bond between the main character of the movie, Scotland and the audience. One of the most striking features of the feisty and independent Merida is her red hair so we focussed on this as a way of getting our message to the fashion and lifestyle magazines read by the mothers (who are the main decision makers for family vacations). First a genuine Scottish piper delivered a press pack personally to key journalists in top lifestyle magazines. He took a Merida wig along and invited the journalists to take photos as a Disney princess. Then we organized a special premier of the movie exclusively for red heads in Madrid. This was a unique photo opportunity that was given ample coverage on prime time news of 4 TV networks.


During our three month ad hoc PR promotion we generated free publicity and positive PR for family travel to Scotland with an equivalent advertising value of $700,000.